Louis vuitton

M44022 NÉONOÉ handbags

Gaston-louis Vuitton wine bag designed for carrying champagne met the contemporary trend in 1932, incarnating the NeoNoe bucket bag containing the beauty of inheritance. Monogram canvas has soft lines and is lined with coloured leather trim and a multi-layer adhesive lining in the same colour.


26 x 26 x 17.5 厘米
(长度 x 高 x 宽)

  • Monogram 涂层帆布
  • 光滑牛皮饰边
  • 超细纤维内衬
  • 抽绳
  • 金属孔眼
  • 隔层
  • 中央拉链贴袋
  • 肩带:可拆卸,可调节
  • 包带半长:33.0 厘米
  • 包带半长可调至:56.0 厘米



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