Louis vuitton

M57835 PAPILLON TRUNK handbags

The Papillon Trunk bag, embellished with metal rivets and S-lock clasp, brings a contemporary twist to a traditional Louis Vuitton look. Semi-rigid baguette bag configuration is easy to hold, can be tied on the shoulder belt or cross.


19 x 9 x 9 厘米
(长度 x 高 x 宽)

  • Monogram 涂层帆布
  • 牛皮饰边
  • 超细纤维内衬
  • 金属件
  • S-lock 钩扣
  • 肩带:可拆卸,可调节
  • 包带半长:30.0 厘米
  • 包带半长可调至:52.0 厘米
  • 链条:可拆卸
  • 链条半长:55.0 厘米


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